We All Ate The White Flesh

October 31, 2020 chris 0

This story was originally featured in the award-winning “Shadows and Teeth” anthology. It all began with that damned turnip. I’m sure you’ve heard the story, […]

Soundclash 2020-10-29

October 30, 2020 chris 0

Hot on the heels of my deserved win (making it 2-1 to Lee) we updated the Soundclash format with a new voting page so that […]

Are Apple Building a Search Engine?

October 28, 2020 chris 1

Google is currently the default search engine on Apple devices… but maybe not for long. We take a look at what the likely implications of an Apple search engine are…


October 24, 2020 chris 0

Devoloution by Chris Lynch with art by Patrick Goddard, Dan Harris, Mark Smith, Craig Lewis & Stu.Art