Offworld 10K Milestone

November 25, 2020 chris 0

Yes, I’ve passed the 10K milestone and that means it’s about time that I passed the Offworld novelisation over to my co-scriptwriter Terry and our […]

The Fleeting Rollout of Fleets

November 21, 2020 chris 0

Twitter has halted rollout of its new “Fleets” functionality just a few days after launch. Reports of the Twitter app hanging and crashing would appear […]

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Collecting for the Firm

November 20, 2020 chris 0

“It’s all there,” said Patrick, placing a grimy sports bag underneath the table. The bar was too dark and noisy for anyone to notice Patrick […]

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Responsive Lazy Loading

November 18, 2020 chris 0

Lazy loading, a web development that holds off on loading images until they are needed, is a great way to speed up your website. When […]