A prediction on search, Apple, and 2021…

Prediction: Apple’s rollout of “Ask App Not To Track” is the opening volley of a war with online advertising providers. Apple has been quietly building a search engine for years; it is preparing to disengage from Google and start to provide its own search & ads platform. 

Why would Apple do this? Because anti-trust hearings against Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon are putting privacy in the spotlight. Because America just shed its first “Social Media President” and lawmakers are rather keen not to have another in the same mould.

And because Google currently pay Apple billions to be the default search engine on the iPhone & iPad.

Google would only do that if they were seeing a return (and boy, are they ever) and its the type of cosy deal that the anti-trust lawmakers are going to want to snuff out.

My prediction for 2021 is Apple moving into the search and ad-business.

They’re already building a search engine, after all…

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