A Thing I Forgot I Did: Chatting with Mike Armstrong Back in 2020

I find a strange joy in unearthing things I’ve made and forgotten about. I’m vain enough not to see anything cringe-worthy in Googling myself and as I’ve been collecting and collating all of my various online personas into this single website, I’ve been quite astonished at the number of things I’ve found that I did that I’d forgotten all about.

This one is a wild and rambling chat with Mike Armstrong on his Morning Motivational podcast, back in the lockdown depths of 2020. At the time I was running Gravit-e and so we spend a lot of time talking about how the business was going turning the tumultuous events of 2020, how lockdown affecting everything from digital marketing to working from home, and probably too much time talking about tea.

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Mike is a huge personality on the Cardiff business scene and not crossing paths with him at various networking events has been one of downsides of lockdown. When I do next bump into him, we’re going to have to talk about the thumbnail on this YouTube video though…

You can check out more of Mike’s interviews here.

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