Google isn’t the only game in town. Diversify your traffic sources to be less vulnerable to problems

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve written the word “Google” while writing The Truth About SEO. Quite a few times, at least, I wrote “Google and other search engines” – the SEO author’s equivalent of saying “other carbonated beverages are available”.

Let’s face it – there’s no denying Google’s dominance in the search engine space. Only one search engine had its name entered into the Oxford English Dictionary as the verb for searching the internet, and it wasn’t Bing.

Having said that, it may be a small world but it is full to the brim with people… and a lot of them are searching the internet. Just because Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and others hold only a small percentage of the search engine market doesn’t mean that they have a small number of users of a small number of searches being run on them. Duck Duck Go, for example, recently broke the 60 million daily searches barrier. That’s a lot of searches to ignore if you’re not paying any attention.

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DuckDuckGo is a great place to go to reach tech-savvy early adopters who value their privacy. Bing is the place to go to talk to people who don’t know how to change their default search engine.

There’s nothing wrong in my view with checking your search engine ranking on these search engines, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with running cost-per-click campaigns on these platforms.

Outside of Google, each other search engine has its own cost per click options available. Competition may be lower in your niche on one of the “other” search engines.

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