Google won’t tell you where your clicks come from, even when you pay for them.

#Google continues its “Mother Knows Best” approach to advertising, potentially concealing data of up to 30% of advertising spend from buyers.

Yep, that’s right. Google want you to pay for clicks but they won’t tell you where they are coming from unless they think it’s “significant”.

Google say it’s for privacy, critics suspect  the recent 10% drop in ad revenue might be a bigger motivator. With my engineering hat on, I suspect this might be a shot at third party ad-tech that can automate and optimise ads, as Google are increasingly moving into this space and are never afraid to cut off data from competitors.

Whatever the reason, it’s another step in Google’s trend towards “Wizard of Oz” control over their operations. Nobody outside Google is smart enough to understand what they are doing and nobody should get to look behind the wizard’s curtain.

Unfortunately, that approach means Google is trading on trust it hasn’t earned and advertisers are rightly up in arms.

If you are #advertising with #googleadwords right now, it’s time to check how much of your spend you can actually account for.

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