Guest blogging has lost power as an SEO technique but is still great for referral clicks and networking

Guest blogging was, effectively, writing content for other people’s websites/blogs in exchange for getting a link in the “author bio” to your website and it was once the darling technique of SEO consultants and content marketers.

Like any technique that becomes popular as a way to improve organic traffic and “game” Google’s index, Google quickly made algorithm changes to reduce the value of links generated in this way – guest blogging fell out of vogue as a consequence.

However, just because guest blogging isn’t catapulting websites up the search engine rankings like it once did, that doesn’t mean that guest blogging is completely valueless. 

Guest blogging is the online equivalent to getting the opportunity to speak to someone else’s contact list, client base, or customer list. You may share a few contacts but the chances are that the people going to the website that you will be featured on won’t be people who know you, your products, your work, or your website.

Whilst Google may have devalued the power of this endorsement as a pure link-building strategy, having your content featured on bigger sites with a wider audience than your own is still a powerful way to build your brands platform.

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