How much is too much eCommerce category content?

When optimising an eCommerce website one of the first things I check is content on the category pages.

In the majority of cases I find that there’s no content on the category pages other than the products and filters. No description of the category, no information on the product range, no advice for new buyers… nothing.

It’s an easy error to make as many content management systems don’t make category level content easily available. Those that do often provide just a small plain text area. (I’m looking at you, Shopify and WooCommerce).

But, after your homepage, category pages should be a key landing page in your SEO strategy. Customers will often be searching for a type of product, not a specific product by name. The mistake many eCommerce site owners make is to ignore their categories and therefore weaken their position for these searches.

What should you do with eCommerce category content?

If your eCommerce site currently doesn’t have descriptions at the category page level, you should add them as soon as possible.

Category descriptions should contain information that will help the customer make an informed choice on which product they select, promote key features of a brand (for a brand category) and reinforce your own expertise in the category.

Category descriptions don’t need to be long. Remember, this function of this page is to move the customer on to the right product and convert them there – this is not the place for your full sales pitch.

eCommerce Category descriptions for boring products

eCommerce category descriptions can also be very useful if you’re dealing with a range of pretty dull products.

If you’ve got, for example, a category full of taps then there may not be much you can to describe them differently. They may have different specifications but, from a descriptive perspective, there may not be much to hang your hat on.

Your category description is your friend here – put everything you want to say about the entire range of products here rather than repeating it on every product. Hopefully, you’ll find there’s more to talk about across the range than on an individual tap.

What you shouldn’t do with eCommerce descriptions

Just to reiterate – category descriptions do not need to be long. They should provide enough info to guide the customer to the right product for their needs.

I’m not the only person who knows eCommerce category descriptions are important, but there are people out there dumping the equivalent of War and Peace into their category descriptions. That doesn’t help the user and doesn’t help your SEO either.

Be useful, be informative, be unique.

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