Linux is 30 years old

Linux is thirty years old. From a single email back in 1991, Linux has touched nearly every aspect of modern computing.

Early in my career, I was deeply embedded in the Microsoft stack and, like a lot of developers around me, felt like having an MSDN subscription made me part of a pretty special club. Microsoft were looking after me and with that box of CDs in my hand I could make anything.

Then this guy walks in, fully of Valleys swagger and starts to talk to me about open source, and Linux, and a different way of doing things. Turns out, computing wasn’t always the way I thought it was. Developers used to share code, build things together, and give their knowledge and expertise to each other freely. Through him I meet characters like Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, and Tim Berners-Lee.

I walk away from Microsoft and start building my applications a different way. A better way. I start to share code. I start to give away code. I learn to build websites and that leads to me spending a big part of my career (so far) running a digital agency that builds exclusively with open source tools and makes some amazing things.

It’s been a life long love affair with Linux, and a life long friendship between me and that other guy. So, cheers Linux. Happy Birthday. I owe you a drink.

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