No two sites are the same. Don’t rely blindly on a strategy just because it worked for someone else

So, it’s as simple as looking at what the number one company is doing and doing the same as them? Awesome, put the book down and get down to some hardcore plagiarism… or not.

Thankfully for those of us who have worked hard to position sites by creating great content, embracing technical SEO (more on that later), and putting in the hours on off-site SEO and link-building, just copying and pasting what we’ve already done isn’t going to get you anywhere.

In fact, it might just land you with a penalty and a no-stops trip to search engine hell.

Google has a well-known aversion to duplicate content – it’s something most SEO consultants will check for and there are some great online tools out there you can use to check how original your own content is (try Copyscape for one!)

Google is looking for content that is original, timely, relevant and useful.

The same is true when it comes to an SEO strategy.

Someone tells you that they made their fortune by posting adverts on Facebook. Good for them – but that doesn’t mean it is going to work for you.

The internet is full of SEO experts, growth hackers, digital marketers, and assorted snake-oil salesmen. I should know.. I’ve been one of them for over ten years. When someone hits on a technique that works, they tend to share it. Nothing hooks a new client in like a great success story. 

The truth is that whilst there are many “evergreen” SEO tactics (and many of them are in this book),  you should take any strategy you see a competitor using and consider carefully whether it fits with your strategy or brand before you employ it.

Doing SEO is not like ordering lunch in “When Harry Met Sally” – you can’t just “have what she’s having”.

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