The Doctor is Us and We Are The Doctor

New #doctorwho theory… It seems more or less canonical that when The Doctor regenerates, they choose a face from their own past. Someone they’ve seen before. But where does the personality come from? Why are they grumpy, or funny, or cunning, or brave? Well, what if that personality is also someone they

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Linux is 30 years old

Linux is thirty years old. From a single email back in 1991, Linux has touched nearly every aspect of modern computing. Early in my career, I was deeply embedded in the Microsoft stack and, like a lot of developers around me, felt like having an MSDN subscription made me part

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Move a WordPress site for free with 10Up Site Migration

A quick shout-out to a tool I’ve used a few times now for easy site migrations – the 10Up Site Migration Tool. A free, open-source alternative to the migration capabilities of tools like UpDraft, 10Up Site Migration has helped me move sites from standard WordPress installations and multi-site installations

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Google lights blue touch paper on Page Experience for desktop

The clock is now officially ticking for any website developers who’ve been saying “Page Experience only affects mobile” to clients, with Google setting their deadline for when it will start to roll Page Experience into desktop search as a ranking factor. It’s coming, and it’s coming in February 2022. Although

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Pandemic Analytics or Lies, Lies and Damned Statistics

Leaving #digitalmarketing means I have a chance to call things out thst I previously would have put aside for fear of looking like I was going out of my way to have a pop at competitors. Something I’ve noticed this week is a number of marketeers on social media asking

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Synopsis vs. Blurb

I joined a writing group recently and as a published writer it seems people expect me to know about… stuff. Writing stuff. Editing stuff. Publishing stuff… The first question they’ve come up with is help writing a synopsis… Where to begin? I decided to start out by explaining the difference

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