Shopify Lets You Buy A Store as a Gift this Christmas

Professional living-on-beach-running-your-dropship-sidehustle dream merchants Shopify are getting into the Christmas spirit by offering… Shopify sites as Christmas gifts?

Yes, if you’ve been telling your friends and family that 2021 was finally THE YEAR that you’d be getting your “side hustle” together, you can now feel the additional burden of familial pressure and parental expectation with the gift of a Shopify subscription credit, some eBooks on being an entrepreneur, and a pre-built store from a range of “ready to go” e-business from the Shopify Exchange.

Why are Shopify selling stores as gifts?

Taking a leaf out of Amazon’s “Big Book of World Domination”, Shopify evidently know that people are already buying and selling pre-built, pre-owned, and pre-run Shopify stores through sites like Flippa and, clearly, they feel they should be taking a bit of that action.

It’s also, if you really want to strap your tin-foil hat on tight, a rather clever way to reduce churn in Shopify’s base. In 2018, Seeking Alpha reporting that 67% of Shopify accounts were only a year old, and only 42% were two years old. Although Shopify don’t report on churn rate, only customer growth, reliable estimates put it upwards of 70% in 2019.

In short – most Shopify eCommerce stores don’t go the distance.

Should you buy a pre-owned Shopify store from the Shopify Exchange?

Absolutely, categorically… no. Browsing through a list of shops on this site is like walking down Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams; every one is either someone else’s failed ambition or a cookie cutter dropship site that has been pumped with revenue over a short period to make it “ready for sale” with all the reliability of Del Trotter telling Rodney “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”.

This is no way to get into the eCommerce game and no way to buy a business.

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