The Doctor is Us and We Are The Doctor

New #doctorwho theory… It seems more or less canonical that when The Doctor regenerates, they choose a face from their own past. Someone they’ve seen before. But where does the personality come from? Why are they grumpy, or funny, or cunning, or brave?

Well, what if that personality is also someone they met before? A real mind, or spirit, or soul, pulled through the time vortex and into the shell to be the new Doctor? In all their endless travels, what if they don’t just collect faces but people?

Now, obviously, there are some characteristics that are “core” Doctor. So, maybe the personality gets a little bump in that direction or maybe the process just picks the perfect version of that person, plucking them from time at the moment they were their absolute “best self”

The point of this meandering is two fold. Firstly, it sort of explains what I love about #doctorwho. The Doctor isn’t a hero because they have a TARDIS and a sonic. It’s not because they can regenerate. Its about having two hearts and no weapons and still fighting. It’s about that version of The Doctor trying to be the very best version of The Doctor they can be. Which, fundamentally, is the same journey all of us are on, changing through the different phases of our lives. Which brings me to my second #DoctorWho theory…

If The Doctor has infinite regenerations now, and each new Doctor is someone plucked from somewhere/somewhen, then eventually, in all of time and space, everyone one of us will one day be The Doctor. In my head, right now, that’s my #timelesschild canon. The Timeless Child is the last Doctor, come back to start the cycle again.

(End of thread. What do we think #whovians?)

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