When Architecture Goes Bad

If you’re going to put in the hours of toil, the pints of blood, and the gallons of tears required to create a great website, why on Earth would you accept it going offline?

Not only will your site’s rankings be impacted if your site is regularly inaccessible, but you could be offline just when a customer needs you.

Ensuring that your website is running on fast, reliable,   infrastructure is a must – but it’s an area that a lot of website owners overlook, opting instead to go for the cheapest possible hosting they can find.

The first little pig ran his website on an out-of-date version of WordPress hosted on a cheap shared server with no support contract, no SLA, and no backups.

Wolves ate him.

The number of business I’ve come across who are having problems with their websites simply because of bad infrastructure would amaze you. Although this is a technical topic, it’s actually one of the easiest things to get right.

Here’s are my tips for making sure that your infrastructure is giving your website the support it deserves:

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