Zoom is eating up market share for video conferencing. It’s also eating up all your private information.

A report from respected internet marketing expert Doc Searls highlighted a worrying amount of data being sucked from users by video conferencing app Zoom and fed to online advertisers such as Facebook and Google.

This personal info includes, and is not limited to, names, addresses and any other identifying data, job titles and employers, Facebook profiles, and device specifications. Crucially, it also includes “the content contained in cloud recordings, and instant messages, files, whiteboards … shared while using the service.”

I had personal experience of this yesterday. After a nearly two hour video chat (which you can see here) I noticed a disturbing parity between what we’d talked about during the chat and what ads I was being pushed on Facebook and Google Discover. Whilst I had done some online research before the call, it was a typically (for me) rambling discussion and we hit on topics that turned up in my feed for what I would consider no good reason.

Zoom doesn’t have the best history with security either. The BBC has an article covering some of Zoom’s security issues.

ProTip: Pick your software with care and remember that if the product is free then you and your data are the product.

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