Why I love my Jono Knife

My Jono Knife is probably one of my favourite bits of kitchen kit. It’s one of the first “cheffy” things I bought when I started cooking and baking and it’s really useful. I’ve got a lot of kitchen kit that lives on the shelf for weeks at a time without being used, but the Jono knife gets an outing every couple of days at least.

It’s a simple idea; take a super thin blade that would be like trying to cut bread with a fencing foil under normal circumstances and bolt it to a bow ended handle so it doesn’t wiggle around.

The result is a blade so thin and sharp that it that zips easily through bread without compressing the loaf or scattering a metric ton of crumbs everywhere. You can slice bread far thinner with this knife than any other I’ve come across, even the very cheffy bread knife in my knife set.

If you like a fresh loaf or do any home bread baking then I’d highly recommend getting a Jono knife.