Bubble is Back!

I wrote Bubble back in 2015 and it has been freely available online in various forms ever since. A little while ago, when I began stripping down and amalgamating my web presence, Bubble was a short-term casualty. To be frank, I had no idea people were still using it or that people were still looking for a solution to formatting their comic book scripts.

It took a stranger filling in the contact form on my website to remind me that Bubble needed a home.

So, I’m happy to say that Bubble is making a comeback and will also be getting some upgrades very soon. The original version was written in PHP but, as I’m becoming more and more interested in Javascript and node.js development, my first job will be to convert Bubble’s code to Javascript and create a version that you can download and run in your browser without an internet connection of any sort.

Welcome back Bubble, and welcome back Bubble users!

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  1. Oh gosh! I’m the stranger! Thank you SO much. I got hired on and unfortunately didn’t have many options available! I saw your comments in my hunt on Comixwriter’s resolution – thank you for putting up SO much!! Im in a blog post mom!

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