Chris Lynch joins UNIT

When UNIT calls… you answer. And UNIT did call, in the form of Tim Gambrell in between Christmas and New Year, looking for a story to add to the UNIT: Operation Wildcat and Other Stories collection. The deadline was pretty tight, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to step into the world of UNIT and add my own piece of the lore and legend of The Brigadier.

“Chris immediately came back with a cracking idea that put the Brigadier centre stage. It felt like I’d lit the blue touch paper – he produced the goods really quickly!”

Tim Gambrell

My story, Honourable Discharge, takes place in the aftermath of one of UNIT’s adventures. I wanted to explore the price paid by ordinary soldiers who defend Earth alongside the extraordinary heroes we know about, and what happens when one of them doesn’t quite measure up to the high standards we expect.

It’s a little dark, a little weird, but hopefully a part of the world of UNIT you’ll enjoy discovering.

“The man looked like something between a jigsaw puzzle and a cut-away diagram you might see in an anatomy textbook or hanging on the wall of a doctor’s office. Random sections of the man were missing, cut away perfectly cleanly, leaving the remaining portions of him appearing to be entirely in working order.”


UNIT: Operation Wildcat and Other Stories is available exclusively via the Candy Jar website as a limited edition hardback.

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