David Alan Binder interviews Chris Lynch

One of the benefits of improving my web presence has been a resurgence of contacts from other writers and people in the literary and creative space. I’d been missing out on this being spread too thin across multiple websites. It was a real treat when an email arrived in my inbox from David Alan Binder, asking me to take part in a series of interviews he has been compiling with writers from around the world.

You can read my interview with David here.

I sometimes get a bit nervous being interviewed. It’s not that I haven’t got anything to say (far from it!) but even outwardly very confident people like myself still get a bit of the old “imposter syndrome” from time to time. I do find myself questioning what value my opinion really has; slogging it out in the niche world of licensed spin-off books is hardly headlining at the Hay Festival stuff after all. But I do try to remember that, whilst I might feel that I’m only in the early part of my journey, I’ve traveled a great deal farther than many others.

So, hopefully, my insights will help someone… somewhere.

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