Offworld 10K Milestone

Yes, I’ve passed the 10K milestone and that means it’s about time that I passed the Offworld novelisation over to my co-scriptwriter Terry and our publishers at Candy Jar for them to give their feedback.

Stepping back onto the flight deck of the Tantalus II has been a daunting experience. I’m now working from a version of the script that Terry painstakingly put together as a transcript of the final edit of the movie so I know precisely what is said and not said, done and not done. I know what’s on the cutting room floor and I have the hard decision on what to bring back, what to leave lost, and where to expand the story to create a richer and deeper experience than is possible in the movie.

The “world of Offworld” is getting bigger with every chapter that I write, as all the motivations and manipulations we see on the screen are committed back to the page and the secret histories of the characters that we couldn’t delve into the film are laid bare.

It’s also very interesting finding the different voice for each character as our point of view shifts from one to the other. The internal monologues of each character are, hopefully, different in tone and flavour, each providing a different viewpoint as the story unfolds around them.

Right now, it’s time to take these 10K words and package them up for a little journey of their own – off to Terry and the our mutual publisher to see if they pass muster!

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