Chris Lynch joins UNIT

When UNIT calls… you answer. And UNIT did call, in the form of Tim Gambrell in between Christmas and New Year, looking for a story to add to the UNIT: Operation Wildcat and Other Stories collection. The deadline was pretty tight, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to step into

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DLS Reviews talks Shadows and Teeth

DLS Reviews is one of the most in-depth book review sites I’ve ever seen and I’m really pleased to see the positive response they’ve had to Shadows and Teeth… Man, don’t you just love it when an author’s imagination is able to conjure up something utterly unique from the most

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Down the Tubes reviews The Dark

Digging around in the deep archives of the internet I turned up a review of the first issue of The Dark over on Down the Tubes. Markosia kindly sent us an advance copy of the first issue and we’re pleased to report it’s some of Chris Lynch’s best work to

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The Magpye in Geek Syndicate Magazine

Rebuilding my website has given me the opportunity, or more accurately the excuse, to Google my older books and search old reviews or bits of marketing that might be interesting. Today I found this copy of Geek Syndicate magazine from back in 2014 that includes a sample chapter from The

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Traveling the Vortex review “Lineage”

The Traveling the Vortex podcast have recorded a detailed review of the Lethbridge-Stewart Lineage collection that includes some very kind words about my story “The Arcade of Doom”. You can check out the whole episode here:

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The Tardis Crew discuss The Brig

Confession time. I’ve been cheating on my regular podcast over at South Wales ONE, recording an episode of The Tardis Crew with Baz and Ben Greenland, Tim Gambrell, and Andy Frankham-Allen. Listen here: If the names of the hosts and guests sound familiar, it’s because you might also know

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What I’m up to, December 2021

It’s a cold and somewhat damp night here in Cardiff. Autumn is giving way swiftly to winter and Christmas is drawing near. I find I write more in the autumn and winter; perhaps it is the dark nights keeping me indoors or perhaps it is the rich vein of inspiration

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Current Status

The quieter I am on my blogs and social media, the busier I normally am behind the scenes. Here’s what I’m working on right now: New novel: 25K in. Everything is more or less planned, so I know where I’m going but I’m still making fresh connections in my head

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Attack of the Quarks announced

Exciting news this week as Candy Jar announce that my story “The Arcade of Doom” us being re-released as the kick off story in a new collection, “Attack if the Quarks”. If you’re not familiar with the Quarks, they are some pretty unassuming looking robots from Classic Doctor Who. I

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