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What I’m up to, December 2021

It’s a cold and somewhat damp night here in Cardiff. Autumn is giving way swiftly to winter and Christmas is drawing near. I find I write more in the autumn and winter; perhaps it is the dark nights keeping me indoors or perhaps it is the rich vein of inspiration that the pell-mell rush through Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas offers.

Regardless, I’m hip-deep in “Lethbridge-Stewart stuff” yet again with a list of jobs on for my good chums at Candy Jar. With UNIT back at the forefront of Who-ish stuff and even an off-screen cameo for “The Brig” in Doctor Who: Flux, it’s a great time to be allowed back into that particular toybox. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what it is I’m working on, so I’ll just leave this GIF here…

If you know… you know. If you don’t, grab yourself a copy of The George Kostinen mystery and keep your eyes peeled for a certain sarcastic robot…

I’m also working on a special Christmas-themed story featuring Lucy and Hobo and another merry band of mystery solvers that you might recognize. I’ve written a Christmas story for Candy Jar for the last two years and I never start work on it until my Christmas tree is up and I’m ducking for the line this year (just like the years before).

Last, but certainly not least, I’m also working on a short contribution for an upcoming book of UNIT stories. It’s a real thrill to be asked to contribute to this book, working alongside some really great creators.

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