Work begins on Offworld Novelisation

So, this is exciting… With the Offworld movie now deep in post production, the time is right for me to start work on the novelisation!

I’ve had a few projects to complete before getting to this one but we wanted to wait until the final cut of the movie was ready before starting work so that the script and rough cut I’m working from would be as close to the final movie as possible. I’ve read novelisations in the past that don’t only add to the source material but also deviate from it quite significantly; a confusing experience with a novelisation of Tim Burton’s Batman has never quite left me… Whilst we’re used to movies made from books cutting and changing the source material, I don’t think it should work that way when novelising a film. My job here is to turn the film into a book, not write a book using the film as inspiration.

Stuck in the middle with two? Novel on the left, script on the right.

That doesn’t mean that the book is just going to be a shot for shot retelling of the movie though. This is a chance to dig deeper into the characters, their motivations and backstory, explore some of the things that happen “off-camera” and build a more complete universe around the Offworld story… a world that’s going to include at least one significant surprise.

Although we couldn’t allude to this too overtly in the movie itself, Offworld is part of a much larger universe… a universe that will be more than a little familiar to readers of my other work with Candy Jar Books.

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