Hello! I’m Chris

I’m a technologist, digital marketeer, writer, film-maker, comic book guy, hypnotist, foodie, and general nuisance.

Despite all conventional wisdom screaming at me that I should have multiple websites, one for each of these different niches, I’ve grown tired of segmenting, cross-linking, and managing multiple social profiles.

So, I’ve stopped trying to please Google and decided to suit myself by combining everything I love to write about into one website. Here you’ll find content at the intersection of all my interests – and sometimes some other things to.

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Lucy Wilson: Attack of the Quarks

How Attack of the Quarks Came to Be

I wrote “The Arcade of Doom” for the Lethbridge-Stewart Lineage collection and it was only supposed to be a throw-away, fun story involving Lucy, Hobo, and the creepily squeaky-voiced Quarks. Set in an arcade that was an […]


The Tardis Crew discuss The Brig

Confession time. I’ve been cheating on my regular podcast over at South Wales ONE, recording an episode of The Tardis Crew with Baz and Ben Greenland, Tim Gambrell, and Andy Frankham-Allen. Listen here: https://pod.link/1583099966/episode/cfc0dc916ff39308080cae0ad4c37b10?s=09 If […]

Out Now

Attack of the Quarks

The key to identifying a great arcade was not the lights, Hobo knew. People always thought about the lights, but it wasn’t the lights. It wasn’t even the sounds. The key to identifying a great […]