Formed in the depths of lockdown, South Wales ONE (formerly known as ACJ Radio) is a community radio station for South Wales broadcasting online to the world. We have an eclectic mix of presenters and shows broadcasting most evenings and an ad-free music stream running through the day playing the best in 80s, 90s, and 00s music.

You can hear me live on South Wales ONE most Thursday from 9 until 10 presenting The Soundclash Show with Lee Jones. Every week we choose a theme for the show and pick five songs each that fit the theme as closely as possible (we are not always successful!). We play our songs head to head and ask our listeners to vote on which songs they like the most!

It’s a winner takes all musical battle royal with no prizes except bragging rights for the following week!

Chris Lynch Interview with Radio Cardiff

A huge thank you to Ceri Stennett for interviewing me for his show on Radio Cardiff. Ceri did a marvellous job of keeping me on-topic so I am mostly talking about my new book, The Best Christmas Ever, as well as my work with Candy Jar on the Lucy Wilson

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SoundKath: The One With Kath and Without Mics

We were delighted to welcome Kath from the These 3 Streams festival on to the show to talk about the upcoming festival in Llantwit Major (which is not near Llantwit Fardre, much to Lee’s surprise), dazzle us with her musical knowledge, and stand witness to the find old Soundclash tradition

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Soundclash: The One Where Lee was Skiving

Owing to WiFi issues, Lee had to drop out of this week’s podcast at the last minute and left me to contend with the dual sources of chaos that are Stacey Taylor and Rob Costello. Things started out a little chaotic and only went downhill from there! This one is

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Soundclash: The One Where We Got Stood Up

The best-laid plans of mice and men, right? Owing to an administrative error, our guest for this Soundclash didn’t actually know that they were supposed to be on the show and so we spend a bit of time “early doors” messing about and trying to find them. Thankfully for us,

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Soundclash: The One with the Dicks

What better way to celebrate my birthday than… recording another Soundclash? Lee was very excited to be able to share in my celebrations and might have gotten a bit overwhelmed by the occasion, to say the least. Yes, I’m afraid it’s another soundclash that’s NSFW.

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Soundclash: The Brummie and the Baby

All heck breaks loose this week when we are joined by Stacey Taylor of Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour and Lee’s baby daughter Lola-Daisy. The theme for this episode was “Food and Drink” or, to hit the nail right on its meaty head… LUNCHEON! Stacey was a fantastic guest and we’re

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Soundclash Launches on Podbean

There’s not enough Soundclash in the world. There, I said it. The world needs more Soundclash. Lucky for you… we’ve got more Soundclash – we just went live on Podbean. Lee and I are always looking for ways to add more listeners to the show. Soundclash is a show that

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Soundclash #59: Travel and Microphones that Don’t Work

A nice, broad theme this week… travel. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it turns out, quite a lot. After Lee’s awkward admission to last week’s shenanigans, we then enter a series of very special links… where Lee completely forgets to turn my microphone on! (And then plays the wrong

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Soundclash #58: The Pillock of Oz

In an incident that will forever tarnish Lee as “The Pillock of Oz”, Australia week is tarnished by some of the most egregious cheating Soundclash has seen since #motowngate. Still, it’s another week of cracking songs despite Lee’s shenanigans…

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Soundclash #57: Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

After taking an utter pasting last week, Rob Costello takes advantage of Lee being down with laryngitis to make another run at the Soundclash Crown. Contains masterful mixing by Lee, me rediscovering that I actually really liked a lot of music from the 2000’s, and Lee controlling Rob and I

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