Formed in the depths of lockdown, South Wales ONE (formerly known as ACJ Radio) is a community radio station for South Wales broadcasting online to the world. We have an eclectic mix of presenters and shows broadcasting most evenings and an ad-free music stream running through the day playing the best in 80s, 90s, and 00s music.

You can hear me live on South Wales ONE most Thursday from 9 until 10 presenting The Soundclash Show with Lee Jones. Every week we choose a theme for the show and pick five songs each that fit the theme as closely as possible (we are not always successful!). We play our songs head to head and ask our listeners to vote on which songs they like the most!

It’s a winner takes all musical battle royal with no prizes except bragging rights for the following week!

Soundclash #52: “The” Definite Article

I was a little naughty in this episode of the show, changing the challenge at the last minute when I realised that what we had planned was a challenge we had done a few months back. So, this episode I challenged Lee to play songs with the word “The” in

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The Tardis Crew discuss The Brig

Confession time. I’ve been cheating on my regular podcast over at South Wales ONE, recording an episode of The Tardis Crew with Baz and Ben Greenland, Tim Gambrell, and Andy Frankham-Allen. Listen here: If the names of the hosts and guests sound familiar, it’s because you might also know

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South Wales ONE Christmas Messages

Since ACJ Radio was rebranded as South Wales ONE, we’ve gotten a bit more professional. This has included having a range of “stings” and interstitials that we use to promote our shows in amongst the 80s and 90s music that runs during the day when our live shows are off

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South Wales ONE featured in The Cardiffian

Huge thanks to The Cardiffian for their write up on South Wales ONE. It’s great to see the station getting some coverage in local media as we press on with our mission to be the best community radio station in South Wales. If you’re not sure what a community station

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Soundclash #20: Topsy Turvy Week

After 19 weeks of trying to play the very best songs we can, we turned things on their heads and decided to play the worst songs we could. Time to confess to the old guilty pleasures and let the skeletons out of the back of the wardrobe… except that only

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Soundclash #19: Food Week

Nice and simple – just play songs about food. How hard could it be? This episode also includes the story of how I was cheered on by a vanload of strangers as I attempted to punch my bin to death.

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Soundclash #17: Lady’s Night

After the controversial and outrageous Motown Week, we kept it simple and just went for songs with lady’s names in the title. What could go wrong? Well, it turns out that we couldn’t even manage to pick twelve different lady’s names without shenanigans. A played a little track called “Doctor

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Soundclash #18: Earth Wind and Fire

Also known as “The Week I Introduced Lee to The Lounge Kittens”. Lee really couldn’t cope with the vocal and musical stylings of the girls and still, some weeks later, hasn’t quite recovered. Sadly, The Kittens are no more but they’ve very kindly put their last gig up on YouTube

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Soundclash #16: Motown Week

After losing two weeks on the bounce, I needed to find a safe haven and retreated to my musical high ground – Motown. Lee was definitely feeling the pressure and Motown Week was shockingly transformed into #wikipediagate with shocking scenes of Lee editing Wikipedia pages to justify some otherwise questionable

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