Formed in the depths of lockdown, South Wales ONE (formerly known as ACJ Radio) is a community radio station for South Wales broadcasting online to the world. We have an eclectic mix of presenters and shows broadcasting most evenings and an ad-free music stream running through the day playing the best in 80s, 90s, and 00s music.

You can hear me live on South Wales ONE most Thursday from 9 until 10 presenting The Soundclash Show with Lee Jones. Every week we choose a theme for the show and pick five songs each that fit the theme as closely as possible (we are not always successful!). We play our songs head to head and ask our listeners to vote on which songs they like the most!

It’s a winner takes all musical battle royal with no prizes except bragging rights for the following week!

Soundclash #14: Rock Week

Well, I took a punt and challenged Lee to “Rock Week” and, unbelievably, I lost. I don’t know how I lost rock week, but I have to put it down to the great listening public not having a clue what great rock music truly is 😉 Carry on, my wayward

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Soundclash #15: DISCO Week

D, I, S, C, O… D, I, S, C, O! Yes, it’s time to get your white suit and your heeled boots on for DISCO week on the Soundclash. Lee claimed to know nothing about disco but then, weirdly, turned out to be MR DISCO after a stellar run in

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Soundclash #13: Heart

Quite how I lost this one is a mystery to me, must have been unlucky episode 13 for me! The theme this week was songs with “Heart” in the title or the name of the artist. As you can no doubt imagine, there were a huge number of potential choices

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Soundclash #12: Animals

The theme for this weeks Soundclash was “Animals” – songs or artists/groups with an animal in the song title or name. As always, album titles were panned and I was able to intercept Lee “Loophole” Jones looking for another grift on the rules before things had even begun this week.

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Soundclash #11: Cover Versions

With show producer Katie Marie riding high on Spotify with her album “Under the Covers”, we turned our attention to covers of classic tracks. For a change of pace, it was me who caused some outrage and controversy this week by playing Toni Basil’s “Mickey”, which is a cover of

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The Soundclash joins Spotify

Thanks to some technological wizardry from the production team at ACJ Radio, you can now listen to Soundclash (and lots of the stations other shows) on Spotify. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber you’ll get all the chat and all the music, if you’re not a subscriber you’ll get the

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Soundclash of the Titans

19th December 2020, the inevitable happened – the four core presenters of ACJ Radio came together for an epic four-way Soundclash! To be frank, Lee and I were quite worried that after weeks of Soundclash practice we would get thrashed either by Lloyd Murray’s impressive knowledge or just the awesome

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Soundclash Champion of 2020

After the Soundclash of the Titans gave Lee a much needed win, we realised that we were all square as we entered the dying hours of 2020. We already had a New Year’s show planned and so, with the simple challenge of “Party Songs” we decided to bow out of

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Soundclash 2020-12-10: Debut Singles

This week was “debut singles” week, where all the songs had to be the first single released by a group or artist. This turned out to be a more contentious topic that we first thought, with Lee testing the boundaries of our rules with a shock entry by the supergroup

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Soundclash 2020-11-26: Rainbow Week

This week was Rainbow Week – every round had a colour and the song had to match that colour either in the title of the song or the name of the artist/band. This was a great show to research and I found a few new favourites. Check the playlist below to

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