Formed in the depths of lockdown, South Wales ONE (formerly known as ACJ Radio) is a community radio station for South Wales broadcasting online to the world. We have an eclectic mix of presenters and shows broadcasting most evenings and an ad-free music stream running through the day playing the best in 80s, 90s, and 00s music.

You can hear me live on South Wales ONE most Thursday from 9 until 10 presenting The Soundclash Show with Lee Jones. Every week we choose a theme for the show and pick five songs each that fit the theme as closely as possible (we are not always successful!). We play our songs head to head and ask our listeners to vote on which songs they like the most!

It’s a winner takes all musical battle royal with no prizes except bragging rights for the following week!

Soundclash 2020-11-19: Male Soloists

Lee and I go head to head again with a soundclash of male soloists. I have to admit, I was quite surprised how few male solo singers I had in my playlists and some of my utter favourites took shock defeats. I’ll be back next week…

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Soundclash 2020-10-29

Hot on the heels of my deserved win (making it 2-1 to Lee) we updated the Soundclash format with a new voting page so that listeners could vote in real-time for the songs they liked (and loathed). It certainly put pressure on us both as we saw how well (or

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The Love Hour: Murder Ballads

This time on The Love Hour, I decided to educate Lee in the world of Murder Ballads – songs recounting tales of murder, death, and mayhem. In short, final proof that I should not be co-helming a show called “The Love Hour”.

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Soundclash 8th October 2010

Our first ever soundclash that, somehow, I later found out that I lost. Proof, as if it were needed, that democracy is a broken system and we need return to the feudal system as soon as possible with me as our glorious emperor.

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The Love Hour, August 28th 2020

This week’s Love Hour was probably our most professional show yet (by which I mean we managed to play quite a lot of actual music, be on-topic, and nobody forgot to turn their microphone on). Almost certainly the impact of having a guest producer sorting out our place list, Mr.

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