Soundclash Champion of 2020

After the Soundclash of the Titans gave Lee a much needed win, we realised that we were all square as we entered the dying hours of 2020.

We already had a New Year’s show planned and so, with the simple challenge of “Party Songs” we decided to bow out of 2020 and into 2021 with one final head to head. It was, as the kids say, for all the marbles.

Gracious in defeat, humble in victory.

I must confess, I went badly off the rails in rounds six and seven, the turning of the year getting to me a little perhaps, but I was able to bring it back around enough to score the final win of the year.

Yes, I am the Soundclash Champion of 2020!

A huge thanks to everyone who spent their New Year with us, voted in the Soundclash, and who got in touch during the show to let us know how they thought we were getting on!

And last but not least, a big thanks to Katy Marie who played us out of Round 8 and return the biggest swing of all time in a Soundclash vote, rightly polling 88% of the vote with her fantastic cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

See you for the next Soundclash in 2021!

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