Soundclash of the Titans

19th December 2020, the inevitable happened – the four core presenters of ACJ Radio came together for an epic four-way Soundclash!

To be frank, Lee and I were quite worried that after weeks of Soundclash practice we would get thrashed either by Lloyd Murray’s impressive knowledge or just the awesome POWER OF METAL embodied by Matt Jones.

Thankfully, although he’s never going to let me hear the end of it, Lee Jones kept it in the Soundclash family with a win.

We played the “Follow the Year” format again this time with each of the presenters getting to pick two years. We all also had to force in a Christmas song at some point, given that this was our Christmas special.

It was a pretty chaotic show, in a good way, with some really strange choices from some of the presenters. We also discovered some years that could be worthy of an entire Soundclash on their own and I’m sure some of these will be making a repeat appearance in 2021.

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