The Truth About SEO

Out Now: The Truth About SEO

Have you ever…

  • Sat in a meeting and not understood a word of what the person responsible for your website is saying?
  • Thought “that doesn’t sound right” when talking to your web developer but not known what questions to ask?
  • Stared at a graph or a report from your marketing company and realised that you didn’t know if it meant things were getting better or worse?
  • Had that nagging dread that you’re handing money over to someone and not getting a return on it

… then this is the book for you.

Based on over a decade of knowledge accumulated working on SEO, website design, eCommerce, and digital transformation across a wide range of industries, The Truth About SEO is the book that every business owner should have – and every SEO consultant should worry about.

About the Author

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and SEO as Technical Director of a bespoke eCommerce agency, and over twenty years of IT experience in general, Chris Lynch remembers a time when Google wasn’t the biggest search engine on the planet, people still believed that fax machines wouldn’t be replaced by email, having a smart-phone meant you’d bought a leather case for your Nokia, and a “Face Book” was something serial killers kept under their beds.

Driven by a desire to help businesses succeed regardless of their size or budget, Chris’ plain-speaking and honest approach to building online businesses; combined with his impressive technical acumen; has made him one of the UK’s most popular and sought-after experts.