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They're baaaack! Google start experimenting with Featured Snippets again.

So, I kicked off a conspiracy theory on Twitter this week...


... because Featured Snippets are back in a big way. I suggested in my previous article on Featured Snippets that the removal of these odious little devils might only temporary, an experiment by Google to measure the impact of their removal. Looks like I was right... Featured Snippets have come back from the dead faster than Freddy Kruger.

But... there's a wrinkle.

Google aren't sure if Featured Snippets work?

Yes, Google are still experimenting on us all, but a little more overtly this time. I first picked up from SEO expert @lilyraynyc who reported that Google were now checking with users whether or not Featured Snippets were "helpful"...


Call me cynical, but it feels like any day now we are going to see an antitrust submission from Google saying something along the lines of "X % of users say they find Featured Snippets helpful" as a defence for their continued existence.

The problem is, whether or not they are helpful is not the question. Of course they are helpful (assuming they are accurate). A 100% discount card for my favourite shop would be helpful too, if such a thing existed.

A fairer question for Google to ask would have been "Do you think it's fair we took this content from another website and didn't pay for it?". But, you know, they are never going to ask that...

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