UNIT: Operation Wildcat and Other Stories

Chris Lynch joins UNIT

When UNIT calls… you answer. And UNIT did call, in the form of Tim Gambrell in between Christmas and New Year, looking for a story to add to the UNIT: Operation Wildcat and Other Stories […]


The Tardis Crew discuss The Brig

Confession time. I’ve been cheating on my regular podcast over at South Wales ONE, recording an episode of The Tardis Crew with Baz and Ben Greenland, Tim Gambrell, and Andy Frankham-Allen. Listen here: https://pod.link/1583099966/episode/cfc0dc916ff39308080cae0ad4c37b10?s=09 If […]


Offworld 10K Milestone

Yes, I’ve passed the 10K milestone and that means it’s about time that I passed the Offworld novelisation over to my co-scriptwriter Terry and our publishers at Candy Jar for them to give their feedback. […]