Roll up! Roll up! OpenAI now offering a miracle cure… for ChatGPT

OpenAI are making an astoundingly successful business out of releasing products that sort of work, most of the time, but that they themselves say you shouldn’t use and will probably make mistakes… Most EULAs and software licences say the same sort of thing, but far less of overtly but

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Google Issues ‘Code Red’ Over ChatGPT

Business Insider are reporting a “Code Red” alert being issued over at Google as the management team panic about the image of ChatGPT on their search engine business. It’s a great reminder that no business, no matter how large, is immune to disruption. Google is sitting on a database of

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On the topic of AI; Chat GPT and Stable Diffusion

I’ve come to the conclusion that how impressive you think a piece of AI is directly correlates to your level of expertise in the skill that the AI is emulating (AIs don’t have skills, in my opinion – they emulate them by shredding, blending, and regurgitating the work of others).

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