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Google reduces Featured Snippets/FAQs to two results

Google don’t seem able to make their mind up on Featured Snippets and FAQs. At one point, they were everywhere, then they vanished for a bit, and now they’re back – but curtailed to two results per query. Perhaps this is the result of many people, myself included, constantly having

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Is Google killing Featured Snippets?

I’ve made no secret of my dislike of Featured Snippets. This week there was some good news that maybe, just maybe, Google was turning back the clock and dropping Featured Snippets from search. For those who’ve missed my previous posts on these, Featured Snippets are those “quick answers” to questions

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Are Featured Snippets Good After All?

Moz ran an interesting experiment into the impact of Featured Snippets on website traffic, bravely gambling with their own presence in the featured snippets section of the Google Search Results. Brief Take: When it opted out of Featured Snippets, Moz saw a 12% drop in traffic. When they re-enabled them,

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