Google Issues ‘Code Red’ Over ChatGPT

Business Insider are reporting a “Code Red” alert being issued over at Google as the management team panic about the image of ChatGPT on their search engine business. It’s a great reminder that no business, no matter how large, is immune to disruption. Google is sitting on a database of

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Would you pay to tweet?

I’m amazed this video isn’t being shared more widely… Under the new rules that Twitter might roll out, paying users of Twitter will “outrank” non-paying users when it comes to visibility. The original purpose of the blue tick, which was to verify people with public identities were who they said

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close up photography of smartphone icons

Social Media: It’s about control…

I saved this image when I first saw it back in October. Since then, Elon Musk has bought Twitter, and in the days and weeks that have followed the acquisition, there has been a crash in advertising revenue, mass layoffs, and an exodus of users. Amongst those losing their jobs

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DMCA request kills Moz in Google Search index

A little while ago I wrote about how easy it was to launch a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) complaint against a website and how writers and other creatives could use this to get websites that were stealing their content removed from the Google index. (And, if you’re not on

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Niche vs. Brand Marketing (Goodbye

My ruthless cull of domains continues! Now that all of my books, short stories, and movies are listed on this site I’m dropping more of my niche-specific domains and redirecting all of the traffic here. In some instances, the timeline for this is short, the expiry for the domains coming

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Christopher’s Big SEO Experiment: Getting Started

Changes are afoot in my online presence. After some four years or more of managing multiple websites for my various projects I’ve finally broken down and decided that enough is enough. Going back maybe five years, I combined all my websites into one. It was a mad, eclectic mess where

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