Mastodon Servers for Writers

Which servers are best for writers joining Mastodon? Here’s how to decide where to make your new digital home… Why does Mastodon ask me to pick a server when I sign up? Mastodon is a federated social network – this makes it different to other social networks such as Twitter

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Mastodon Tips for Writers

I’ve had my eye on Mastodon for a while. When I was last revamping my website, there was a time when I was considering running a Mastodon server as a place to host my own “microblog”. I love microblogs but I’m always wary of putting all my content on someone

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Would you pay to tweet?

I’m amazed this video isn’t being shared more widely… Under the new rules that Twitter might roll out, paying users of Twitter will “outrank” non-paying users when it comes to visibility. The original purpose of the blue tick, which was to verify people with public identities were who they said

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close up photography of smartphone icons

Social Media: It’s about control…

I saved this image when I first saw it back in October. Since then, Elon Musk has bought Twitter, and in the days and weeks that have followed the acquisition, there has been a crash in advertising revenue, mass layoffs, and an exodus of users. Amongst those losing their jobs

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Is a decentralised Twitter the future of social media?

Governments have been playing catch up with technology for as long as I can remember, the statute book taking more time to write to than a 3.5″ floppy disk. But they are catching up and after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Brexit, and Trump in the Whitehouse legislators are keen to

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The Fleeting Rollout of Fleets

Twitter has halted rollout of its new “Fleets” functionality just a few days after launch. Reports of the Twitter app hanging and crashing would appear to be at the root of the problem, although the overall reception to the new feature has also been less than lukewarm. Fleets are a

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