Getting Started with and Text-to-Video

Are you interested in using video to promote your writing but aren’t quite ready to “dance dance dance” like Wednesday Adams? Text-to-video tools can help, so I took out for a try. What is text-to-video? Text-to-video tools take a block of text, like a blog post, and generate a

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David Alan Binder interviews Chris Lynch

One of the benefits of improving my web presence has been a resurgence of contacts from other writers and people in the literary and creative space. I’d been missing out on this being spread too thin across multiple websites. It was a real treat when an email arrived in my

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Synopsis vs. Blurb

I joined a writing group recently and as a published writer it seems people expect me to know about… stuff. Writing stuff. Editing stuff. Publishing stuff… The first question they’ve come up with is help writing a synopsis… Where to begin? I decided to start out by explaining the difference

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Looking back, and looking forward, to Offworld.

A lovely message from one of our Offworld stars, Dani Britten. I’ve yet to hit this part of the script in my work through to write the novelisation and I’d forgotten writing this scene until today. A great science fiction story is never about the science, it’s about the people

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