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Search Anything with JQuery

Here's a quick set of functions to search a table, search a list, search paragraphs of text, or search just about anything on a page with JQuery.

The key to making this work effectively is adding the data-search property to the items being searched and ensuring that your JQuery selector is unique to the set of items you want to search.

function runQuickSearch(searchBox, searchTarget){
    var search = jQuery(searchBox).val().toLowerCase();
    var found = false;
    jQuery(searchTarget).each(function() {
      found = false;
      searchValue = jQuery(this).data('search').toLowerCase();
      if (searchValue.indexOf(search) >= 0 || search.len == 0 ) {
        found = true;
      if (found) { jQuery(this).show(); } else { jQuery(this).hide(); }

  function quickSearch(searchBox, searchTarget){
    jQuery(searchBox).click(function() {
      runQuickSearch(searchBox, searchTarget);

    jQuery(searchBox).keyup(function() {
      runQuickSearch(searchBox, searchTarget);

How to link a search box with the items to be searched

The code below will link the text box #search with the rows of a table with the id #customers. To ensure that the headers don't get removed, ensure your data rows are inside a tag.

   quickSearch('#search','#customers tbody tr');

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