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Working with SEO Consultants and Agencies

I wrote this book mostly because I was tired of finding my industry down on the same list as bankers, double glazing sales, estate agents, and dentists.

I’d want to reach the pearly gates just to discover that Dante had been brought out of retirement to craft a special new level of hell just for website developers, digital marketers, and IT consultants.

Not all companies selling SEO, CPC, digital marketing, and the like are bad. Sadly, quite a few are and whilst there are more businesses that need these services than people providing them, “bad apples” are getting a free ride, able to move when they need to - leaving chaos and carnage in their wake.

Hopefully, this book leaves you more empowered to tell the bad from the good, make your own way online, and use consultants and third parties in the right way - where we add value

Nothing makes a good consultant happier in their work than when it works.

Don’t be afraid to ask consultants lots of questions. They should be asking you lots of questions because, unless they’ve worked in your industry and with your business before, there’s always a lot to learn.

Never trust a consultant who keeps their techniques a secret. We’re not wizards, we’re mostly just looking things up on Google just like the rest of you.

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