Lucy Wilson: Attack of the Quarks

Lucy Wilson is an Amazon #1

Wow… that was a week. On the back of the fantastic free book promo that Candy Jar Publishing ran for World Book Day/World Book Week, Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns found its way into the top 150 free books on Amazon and all the way to #1 in a few categories.

Yep, this happened…

Now, you may be thinking something along the lines of… “So what, nobody paid for those books. Anyone can give something away for nothing.“. And, if your are, I’d be inclined to agree with you – except I know roughly how many books are being given away free on Amazon at any one time (it was around 80K back in 2020) and I know this number absolutely sky-rockets on World Book Day. Perversely, World Book Day has to be one of the hardest days to promote a book because there is a huge amount of marketing noise. Everyone from the smallest newbie self-published author right way up to the major publishing houses and A-list celebrity authors takes the opportunity to drop a hashtag and mention, in the most self-effacing way possible of course, their own “little book“.

So, I am just a little bit proud that my “little book” (and don’t ask me why so many authors call their books that – it’s annoying self-effacing thing again) found its way to the top of its genre and a huge, genuinely huge, thanks to everyone who downloaded it.

How Attack of the Quarks Came to Be

I wrote “The Arcade of Doom” for the Lethbridge-Stewart Lineage collection and it was only supposed to be a throw-away, fun story involving Lucy, Hobo, and the creepily squeaky-voiced Quarks. Set in an arcade that was an amalgam of the arcades from my childhood, including one in Porthcawl where I first encountered Gauntlet, it’s a heavy dose of nostalgia for those of us who grew up paying 10p a time to play computer games.

Stories, however, are unpredictable things and have a tendency to develop lives of their own. In this instance, The Arcade of Doom planted a seed in the mind of another one of Candy Jar’s authors, Tim Gambrell, who created two stories following on from Lucy and Hobo’s encounter with a Quark to create a wider story.

It’s an unusual, but very enjoyable, experience to find your stories developing past the point where you thought you’d typed “THE END” and it’s made me wonder if any of my other stories are waiting to spring back into life while I’m not looking…

In the meantime, if you’ve no idea what a Quark is, then this video will help!

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