Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns

Lucy Wilson is an Amazon #1

Wow… that was a week. On the back of the fantastic free book promo that Candy Jar Publishing ran for World Book Day/World Book Week, Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns found its way into the top 150 free books on Amazon and all the way to #1 in a few categories.

Yep, this happened…

Now, you may be thinking something along the lines of… “So what, nobody paid for those books. Anyone can give something away for nothing.“. And, if your are, I’d be inclined to agree with you – except I know roughly how many books are being given away free on Amazon at any one time (it was around 80K back in 2020) and I know this number absolutely sky-rockets on World Book Day. Perversely, World Book Day has to be one of the hardest days to promote a book because there is a huge amount of marketing noise. Everyone from the smallest newbie self-published author right way up to the major publishing houses and A-list celebrity authors takes the opportunity to drop a hashtag and mention, in the most self-effacing way possible of course, their own “little book“.

So, I am just a little bit proud that my “little book” (and don’t ask me why so many authors call their books that – it’s annoying self-effacing thing again) found its way to the top of its genre and a huge, genuinely huge, thanks to everyone who downloaded it.

Free Books for World Book Day 2022 and World Book Week 2022

The fine people of Candy Jar are at it again, arranging a monumental book giveaway for World Book Day and World Book Week!

It always warms the shrivelled shred of shedded viper skin I have instead of a heart to see the crew at Candy Jar use World Book Day and World Book Week as an opportunity to get books into the hands of kids absolutely free of charge and the range thus year is probably the best yet (and not least because I happen to be in it!)

Follow the link below to see the full range, then click any of the covers to get your free books.

Uh, Chris, these are just free Kindle eBooks?

Don’t panic if you don’t have a Kindle reader. You can download the Kindle software onto your phone, tablet, laptop or PC/Mac. You can even read online. If you’ve got a piece of technology that can read this blog post, you can get hold of these books.

Head over to and get started!

Travelling the Vortex review “Curse of the Mirror Clowns”

One of the best things about writing stories set in the Haisman Universe and the world of “Classic Doctor Who” is how massively passionate the fandom is. I’ve referred to it before as being given access to the best toybox in the world, but that doesn’t ever mean the toys are mine. I’m a firm believer that stories, once told, can take on a life of their own. Characters like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, William Travers, Dame Anne Bishop, Lucy Wilson and Hobo Kostinen, all have a life beyond the words written down on the page. If I’m lucky, very lucky, the stories that I write live on past then in the minds and memories of the people who read them.

Copyright might dictate who can officially write for these characters, and I’m very privileged to be one of Candy Jar’s stable of authors, but nobody can really own characters after a little while. As soon as a kid picks up a stick and uses their imagination to transform it into a sonic screwdriver, the genie is out of the bottle.

Now, when it comes to Doctor Who, there are few parts of the fandom as passionate and as well versed in the lore of the universe as the team at Travelling the Vortex and I have to confess that when I found out they had reviewed Curse of the Mirror Clowns I was a little nervous to hear what they thought of it.

Spoiler Alert: They liked it 😉

You can hear the full review here:

Curse of the Mirror Clowns Prologue

YouTube player

I’d forgotten I recorded this back when the website was up on bricks like a stolen car on the wrong side of town.

It’s only a short recording but I love doing readings, especially of my kids books, so thought it was worth sharing again.

I recorded this at home using a pretty standard mic and then made the audiogram video using Headliner.