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A new website. Again.

I will never renounce the school of tinkering with code. I enjoy it too much. But... there comes a time when you have to focus if you want to get things done and so I'm currently rebuilding my website in Wordpress. Yes... Wordpress. Hold on, C ...

Superhero father and son


Belle fixed her hair in the mirror, carefully tucking away any stray strands of wiry gray that had escaped her hair clips and pins. She had had such beautiful hair once, but the years had been far from kind. Still, what girl wouldn't have a few gray ...

Inside an old library

War of the Words

The library kept all of its books under lock and key, behind three-inch thick glass etched with runes from every major arcane school of thought, watched twenty-four hours a day. They weren't especially dangerous books, they weren't even magical in a ...