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10 things about Chris Lynch

  1. Chris Lynch is the CTO of Gravit-e, an eCommerce Consultancy based in Cardiff, UK.
  2. Chris Lynch is the creator and writer of The Black Room, which you can watch on Amazon Video and YouTube
  3. Chris Lynch is one half of Monkeys with Machineguns, a critically acclaimed comic book studio that he formed with Stu.Art
  4. Chris is the co-writer of Offworld, a feature length science fiction film that was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is filming in 2017
  5. Chris has written for numerous comic book companies, included creating "The Dark" for Markosia, and been published in the Judge Dredd Megazine
  6. Under his pen name of CW Lynch, Chris wrote "The Magpye: Circus of Death" that you can buy from Amazon
  7. Chris wrote "The Budget Android Tablet Buyer's Guide", which was a Top 100 book on Android for a number of months in Amazon's sales charts
  8. Chris is a qualified hypnotherapist and is currently studying to become an NLP Practitioner. He works with a small number of clients through Cardiff based hypnotherapy provider Click Hypnosis.
  9. Chris is a prize winning essayist
  10. Chris created the free online comic book writing software "Bubble"


Chris Lynch writes as "CW Lynch" because he is not the Chris Lynch that is the writer of "Inexcusable" and many other excellent children's books. You can find his official page on the Simon and Schuster website. On Wikipedia he is 

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