Comics Writing

I’ve had a love of comics from an early age, starting out with the likes of Spider-Man and Batman before growing up into titles such as Watchmen and The Invisibles. Comics is a unique format, arguably older than the written word and deeply, deeply powerful in its ability to tell stories. Some of the most iconic and memorable characters of modern times have been born in the pages of comic books.

For my part, I’ve stayed away from the tights-and-capes crowd and written mostly in the horror and sci-fi genres; firstly as co-creator and lead writer of the UK horror comics anthology Monkeys with Machineguns and then working with publishers including The Judge Dredd Megazine, Arcana, Metaverse, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, 2026 Books, Accent UK, Something Wicked, The Sorrow, The Mad Scientist Journal, KZine, Wilde Times, Another Realm, 10thology, Midnight Hour, and Insomnia Publications.

In 2010 my graphic novel “The Dark”, illustrated by Rick Lundeen, was published by Markosia Publications. It featured shortly after as one of the first releases on Sony’s own digital comics platform before being re-released on Comixology and Amazon Kindle a few years later.

Reviews for Monkeys with Machineguns

“A cracking little collection, trading mostly in creepy atmosphere and twists rather than simple gory horror”

Forbidden Planet

“A complete delight to read… one to add to your pull list”

The Comics Review

“Some sheer talent at work here”

Owl in Daylight

“This creative team is sure to become a regular name in comics”

The Comic Fanatic

“For those of you that dig dark comics with twists, this ones for you”

Media Gauntlet

Reviews for The Dark

“The Punisher meets Vanilla Sky”

SFX Magazine

“Glorious and unexpected”

Forces of Geek

“Highly original and inventive”


“A great, fast read”

Geek Sydicate