Out Now: Welcome to Neverbury

Somewhere on the coast of England, Neverbury is a quaint seaside town with the kind of problems that a lot of quaint English seaside towns have these days... demons, serial killers, immortals, thieves, time travellers, ghosts, vampires, idle gods, haunted houses, witches, an extraordinarily strident village council, and monsters.

Praise for "Welcome to Neverbury"

"A deliciously dark set of stories - like a chocolate box, each chocolate filled with a mix of humour, blood and strange happenings. Written with flair, confidence and a keen eye for detail. If you like Inside No:9, you'll love this!"

"Loved this from start to finish, I listened to the Audiobook which was brilliantly read by Terry Cooper and then had to buy the hard copy straight away. Very Inside number 9 esq with moments of Neil Gaiman. Loved it."

"Absolutely loved this book. The author slowly paints a picture of the quaint little town that has many secrets! Each independent story weaves a web of mystery and strange goings on in Neverbury ensuring you are hooked from the start!"

Out Now

Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch is a writer, technologist, digital marketeer, film-maker, comic book guy, part-time hypnotist, foodie, and general nuisance.

For the past few years, Chris has been writing Doctor Who spin-off stories in the "Haisman Universe" featuring characters such as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy Wilson, monsters such as the Quarks and the Great Intelligence, and a few of his own creations. Chris' first book for the "Lucy Wilson Mysteries" series "Curse of the Mirror Clowns" was short-listed for a Scribe Award in 2019.

When Chris isn't working on books, he also writes screenplays, comic books, and audio dramas. His most recent screenplay, OffWorld, is currently in post-production with a major US distributor attached.

Once a week Chris is co-host of an online radio show/podcast "Soundclash" on South Wales ONE. From time to time, you can also find him at live South Wales ONE community and charity events.

By day, Chris is IT Director for a major InsureTech business in South Wales and, prior to that, was CTO and founder of the a leading digital agency specializing in eCommerce and bespoke solutions. Chris enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing, with particular reference to how these intersect with writing and how authors can better market themselves online. In 2018, Chris wrote ["The Truth About SEO"], a guide to digital marketing for business owners that became a number 1 Amazon Best Seller in a number of categories.

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Goooooooood Evening.  It's time for another episode of Soundclash:  The Musical Challenge Show! 

This week, Chris is flying solo so has decided to challenge...The World?  Who will be victorious?  As always, YOU decide!

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Delighted to find that, just as they promised, my favourite social media tool @Publer activated their integration today.

Timothy Claypole has been living rent free in my head for years. I've finally managed to exorcise him, hopefully, with a ghostly jester of my own. "Welcome to Neverbury" had a few references to the kids' TV of my childhood, and it seems Neverbury 2 will carry on this tradition!

For my accountability partners in the (and people who want to know when they can expect Neverbury book 2) my for today is a respectable 2,413.

? reviewer? regular? Last chance to grab a copy of the Welcome to Neverbury before it's gone for good...

Wow. As any author will tell you, reviews matter. When someone takes the time to record an in depth review of your book, that's special. Huge thanks to The Geek Goth!


Trying to start a healthy before-work writing routine. 1633 and counting.

I'm back in . I cast every story in my head and, right now, I'm channeling this particular gentleman into a story as best I can. Wizard, spy, and bookseller... I get the feeling there's a spin off story waiting to be written here. (: 1133)

During this afternoon's D&D adventure I was introduced to the spell "Power Word Kill", which I think summons a German metal band to do my bidding.

Just finished my first ever live broadcast on without my usual co-host Lee. Yes, I was flying solo on the airwaves! (Well, except for everyone on WhatsApp and Producer Emily helping me out!)

I've used an online GP in the past and found it very convenient. It is a bit weird when they start sending you discount codes though. What's going on? Are they thinking I'll be all "Oh yeah, I've been thinking of being mildly unwell but thought it might be a bit pricey..."?

youtube.com/watch?v=MPWh72a3lr More testing with and it's time to try a video. Well, what better video than The Black Room, a little sci-fi/superhero pilot from back in 2015...

Yep, so I've been away on holiday. I'm back now, normal service will be resumed. First order of business - starting work on Neverbury Book 2!

I've switched my social management platform over to . This is a test post which should appear everywhere. (Well, not in your dreams or your personal diary or in your kitchen cupboards. Just on social media.)

Stunning stained glass in Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

Test image post

I’ve been updated my website, giving it a nice inspired update.

Princeton University’s ‘AI Snake Oil’ authors say generative AI hype has 'spiraled out of control’ | VentureBeat
Princeton University’s ‘AI Snake Oil’ authors say generative AI hype has ‘spiraled out of control’

Neverbury: Coming Soon to Audible - Exciting times in Neverbury. Since the book forced its way into the world last month, we've been bouncing up and down in Amazon's horror charts and its been great to receive a few early reviews of …