Out Now: Welcome to Neverbury

Somewhere on the coast of England, Neverbury is a quaint seaside town with the kind of problems that a lot of quaint English seaside towns have these days... demons, serial killers, immortals, thieves, time travellers, ghosts, vampires, idle gods, haunted houses, witches, an extraordinarily strident village council, and monsters.

Praise for "Welcome to Neverbury"

"A deliciously dark set of stories - like a chocolate box, each chocolate filled with a mix of humour, blood and strange happenings. Written with flair, confidence and a keen eye for detail. If you like Inside No:9, you'll love this!"

"Loved this from start to finish, I listened to the Audiobook which was brilliantly read by Terry Cooper and then had to buy the hard copy straight away. Very Inside number 9 esq with moments of Neil Gaiman. Loved it."

"Absolutely loved this book. The author slowly paints a picture of the quaint little town that has many secrets! Each independent story weaves a web of mystery and strange goings on in Neverbury ensuring you are hooked from the start!"

Out Now

Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch is a writer, technologist, digital marketeer, film-maker, comic book guy, part-time hypnotist, foodie, and general nuisance.

For the past few years, Chris has been writing Doctor Who spin-off stories in the "Haisman Universe" featuring characters such as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy Wilson, monsters such as the Quarks and the Great Intelligence, and a few of his own creations. Chris' first book for the "Lucy Wilson Mysteries" series "Curse of the Mirror Clowns" was short-listed for a Scribe Award in 2019.

When Chris isn't working on books, he also writes screenplays, comic books, and audio dramas. His most recent screenplay, OffWorld, is currently in post-production with a major US distributor attached.

Once a week Chris is co-host of an online radio show/podcast "Soundclash" on South Wales ONE. From time to time, you can also find him at live South Wales ONE community and charity events.

By day, Chris is IT Director for a major InsureTech business in South Wales and, prior to that, was CTO and founder of the a leading digital agency specializing in eCommerce and bespoke solutions. Chris enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing, with particular reference to how these intersect with writing and how authors can better market themselves online. In 2018, Chris wrote ["The Truth About SEO"], a guide to digital marketing for business owners that became a number 1 Amazon Best Seller in a number of categories.

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Goooooooood Evening.  It's time for another episode of Soundclash:  The Musical Challenge Show! 

This week, Chris and Lee are playing 'Million Selling Records', but who will be victorious?  As always, YOU decide!

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This is fine, right? I mean... it doesn't mean anything...

Just finished the next Neverbury story, "No Connection". It's the saddest one of the new set, I think. Not every story has a hero and a villain. Sometimes, everyone loses.

Truly an embarrassment for . As the city is consumed by vanity projects and Byzantine road layout changes, it turns its back on one of the most important public services we have.

It's a weird sensation to know that people are out there watching "Offworld: Alien Planet". This might be the first official review, and it's pretty darned decent. It's fair to say that the script Terry and I put together is a very human story, I'm delighted that's coming across.

237 days might seem like an odd milestone to be celebrating, but today was the day that Welcome to Neverbury finally got its 100th review! I've been blown away by the response to this book and my underwear would burst into flames if I tried to deny that the pressure is very much ON for "Return to Neverbury". I'm working very hard to make the return visit to Neverbury as weird and as spooky and as fun as the first.

OK, so I like Reddit and there are some decent communities there. There's also *the rest* of Reddit, which resembles Mos Eisley space port. I can only assume potential licensees will pick and choose what subreddits they want.

Meanwhile, prepare yourself for the mass deletion of posts by angry redditors and poison pill tactics as (more) junk content is dumped into the system.


Latest addition to our room.

I'm a solid 50% of the way through "Return to Neverbury", the second book of Neverbury tales. The first six story titles are locked in, for those who are interested...

Word count is a horrible way to measure writing productivity. I even dislike "words changed" as a measure. It's meaningless. Sometimes you need lots of words. Other times, hardly any. Progress is not how many words. It's how much you convey to the reader. It's how you make them feel. It's how much you move them. And there's no empirical measure for that.

say their new watermarks "aren't a silver bullet". I agree. In fact, they are not any kind of bullet. They are barely even a Nerf dart. If we're using projectile effectiveness as our unit of measure, this is as useful as a small clump of poo tossed by a monkey. A monkey who missed. windowscentral.com/software-ap

This "encrypted metadata" can be removed by taking a simple screen grab and then, if wherever you snagged it from even bothered to show a watermark, cropping the image. So, right up there with the chocolate teapot and the inflatable dart board in terms of usefulness. Do these AI vendors think we're stupid?


What the hell is the use case for connecting a toothbrush to the internet? independent.co.uk/tech/toothbr

Tommy Lee knows the score.

Meet the new Microsoft, same as the old Microsoft.

I'm old enough to remember when they used to pull stunts like this on a regular basis. If this story is true, it's a return to the bad old days we could all do without. (And remember, this company has also ploughed money into serial data pilferers OpenAI)


Zut alors! The big IT news of the day? AI maybe kinda doesn't work... unless you want a government website that lies to you in French. Maybe they included some Maximo Park lyrics in the model by mistake?


Feels like my WIP has been stuck at just shy of 30K for ages, but I've been going back and doing some edits, so it's not necessarily the SAME 30K words as it was before. Someone needs to invent a word counter for Word that tracks the amount you've worked, not just how many words have survived.