10thology: Blood Brothers

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When the 10thology anthology was being put together, a last-minute drop-out meant that we were in danger of creating a “9thology”. Creator, editor, and publisher of 10thology, Stuart Tipples, has known me a long time though and knew exactly how I would respond to the sentence “But Chris, there’s no way you could write a story in the next few days”.

“Yes, Stuart, of course I can”


A few days later, “Blood Brothers” was born. The original concept, from Stuart, was to create a modern retelling of a Welsh myth. I won’t divulge which particular myth we chose but I was very happy with the outcome. Once combined with some fantastic artwork from Stuart, we had a story worthy of inclusion in 10thology.

I’ve got a soft spot for the main character in this story, Scorp, a sort of council-flat shaman who inherits the duty of protecting his block of flats from the strange and the occult when the previous “Caretaker” meets a grisly end. Scorp also has a grandma, and she knows things.