Dark Horrors

This title is currently out of print

I was so pleased to get a Monkeys with Machineguns strip into the Dark Horrors anthology. Arcana were one of our target publishers at the time, a recognisable “big name” American publisher. When I started out reading comics, the kind of comics that I considered “real” comics (the ones with superheroes in them) all came from America and so getting a strip published by a US publisher meant a lot even many years later.

The story that was chosen was “The Exchange”, which was also featured in Monkeys with Machineguns #1: Making Deals with Devils.

The other stories in the anthology are:

  • Ronn Sutton – Tell Tale Heart (adaptation)
  • Janet Hetherington – Wishbone
  • Ron Fortier – Fright
  • David Hopkins – Siren Song
  • Robert Burke Richardson – The Gargoyle
  • Jon Hook – In Season
  • Crisman Strunk – Safe at Home
  • Jim Wheelock – Drawing on the Dead
  • Kenneth Olson- Remember Me
  • Ben Fisher – Me and My Shadow
  • Saul Haberfield – Believe
  • Gerrin Bush – Hinnom
  • Jeff Loew – I Married a Ghost Girl

Competition to get into this anthology was fierce and I can remember waiting with quite some nervousness to find out if our story had been selected. After that, it was an equally nerve-racking period waiting for the reviews to come in. Thankfully, the reviews were excellent and more than a few made particular mention of “The Exchange” which was immensely gratifying.