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This was such huge fun to write. Created for the "Sleepless Phoenix" anthology, a collective project from creators left stranded after the collapse of Insomnia Publications, it's a story about the relentless need to write and create and how this might affect the humble muse who gets pulled from pillar to post.

It's a little dated now, referencing bloggers rather than "influencers" (Influencers, as we know them today, didn't exist back then. It was a simpler, better time.) With such a huge number of victims required for the murderous muse, Clio, I reached out to the internet comics community and asked for volunteers to be brutally killed. Surprisingly, there were more volunteers than the script could accommodate. Valia Kapdai, the artist who transformed my script into a comic strip, did a fantastic job of rendering everyone recognizably... even if some of them had come to more grisly ends than others.

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