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Chris Lynch: Screenwriter and Film Maker

Chris Lynch's film-making escapades began in 2016 when, working with Terry Cooper, he wrote and filmed "The Black Room". After premiering the short at the Cardiff Comic Con it went on to become one of the first indie film releases on Amazon Prime.

Encouraged by their success with The Black Room, Chris and Terry teamed up again to write and film "Offworld". Funded through Kickstarter and filmed in Wales, the film has been a labor of love over the past few years and is currently in the final stages of post-production. OffWorld is attached to a major worldwide distributor.

Terry is currently working on a new movie, Bloody Students whilst Chris is looking for his next movie project that isn't a silly YouTube video made with his kids.

Yesterday the domain I bought for The Black Room, theblackroom.co.uk, expired. It wasn't asn admin error and I'm certainly not turning my back on The Black Room or any of its projects. So, why did I let it go? Well, read on dear reader...

I've only been involved in two Kickstarter projects so far (or three, if you count my short-lived feud with the creators of Comixwriter). One of those was successful and led to the writing, filming, and creation of OffWorld. The second, a fan-film called "Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne" wasn't so successful. Although the project raised some funds and recorded some screen-test shorts, the main filming never got off the ground.

I'm a little bit behind on Offworld and Black Room news owing to some other projects, but this was a little bit of news that caught my eye on our official Offworld Facebook page that I wanted to share for anyone not on the group.

Yes, I've passed the 10K milestone and that means it's about time that I passed the Offworld novelization over to my co-scriptwriter Terry and our publishers at Candy Jar for them to give their feedback.

We've got a brand new promotional poster for Offworld! This is part of the promotional package that will be going out to US distributors next year. The film is nearly finished and we're incredibly excited that the film could be hitting one or major channels or networks in the very near future.

One of the interesting things about writing the novelisation of a film is that things can happen in the wrong order. I'm only around 4.5K words into an estimated 60K for the project, but I've already got every piece of dialogue, I already know what every character will do, and I know not only how things will end but also exactly how we get there.

Nipa Singh sat on a ripped office chair and sipped bad coffee from a chipped mug as she watched Professor Fish tapping commands into the scrub station keyboard. Fish was a corpulent man with only a passing acquaintance with personal hygiene and grooming. Singh had been told he was a genius, a one of a kind intellect. What she saw was a man who only took occasional breaks from his typing to scratch himself, root around inside one nostril or another with one of his fat fingers, or to take an overly large bite from whatever food was on his desk. Singh enjoyed cooking, but she couldn’t identify exactly what Fish was eating. It might have been a burrito once, before it was mangled by the Professor’s ham-hock hands and grinding, crooked teeth. There were clues in his beard, meaty, saucy, sweaty clues, but Singh didn’t have the stomach to look closely at them.

David Dare’s office was one of the smallest in The Black Room. Eight feet by eight feet, with no windows, bare walls, and a single door, it wasn’t the sort of office you’d expect one of the most powerful men on the planet to work from. The truth was, David Dare hardly ever used his office, preferring to walk the halls of The Black Room and exercise his uncanny ability to appear wherever he would be the most use, or could cause the most trouble. As the world’s only provider of support services for superheros, trouble was never hard to find and so most of the time the room was empty, and that was a good sign. When Dare did use the office, it was only for one of two things – a face to face meeting, which were rare, or the use The Telephone, which was rarer.

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