My Batman Project That’s Deader Than Bruce Wayne’s Parents

I’ve only been involved in two Kickstarter projects so far (or three, if you count my short-lived feud with the creators of Comixwriter). One of those was successful and led to the writing, filming, and creation of OffWorld. The second, a fan-film called “Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne” wasn’t so successful. Although the project raised some funds and recorded some screen-test shorts, the main filming never got off the ground.

To say that I was disappointed is an under-statement; I’d written a script I was really proud of and, in my own little corner of the unofficial Batman fan-fiction mythos, I really felt like I had an exciting story to tell. In retrospect, the script was incredibly ambitious – perhaps too ambitious in many respects. I’d written The Black Room to be filmed with basically zero budget. We filmed Offworld on a budget of just £10K (although we’ve subsequently raised, and chipped in, additional funds to push that project towards completion). Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne raised just over £2K, which barely covered the BatSuit.

Right now, even the screen tests seem to have vanished from YouTube…

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…which is a real shame as there were great performances in this little short, especially from John Varker as Alfred and Dannie Britten as Vicky Vale.

So, the first-ever Batman project I’ve really gotten my teeth into (albeit an unofficial one) is officially deader than Bruce Wayne’s parents. (Or is it? I’ve heard tell of a wonderous collection of people producing fan-fiction audio dramas, and might be just up my street crime alley)

In the meantime, enjoy my Kickstarter video, if you like that sort of thing…

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